APC Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator

السعر: $54.05
السعر بدون ضريبة : $54.05
الشركة :  APC
النوع :  UPS
حالة التوفر :  متوفر

Line-R Features & Benefits

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
    Automatically steps up low voltage and steps down high voltage to levels that are suitable for your equipment.
  • Resettable circuit breaker
    Easy recovery from overloads; no need to replace a fuse.
  • Lightning and Surge Protection
    To prevent damage to your equipment from electric power surges and spikes.
  • Transformer Block Spacing
    Connect bulky transformer block plugs without covering up other outlets.
  • Status Indicator LED's
    LED status indicators for each phase and an audible alarm provide immediate failure notification when surge suppression circuitry has been damaged by a heavy strike or surge.

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