Magellan 2200 vs data logic vertical scanner

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Magellan 2200 vs data logic vertical scanner

The Magellan® 2200VS vertical scanner from PSC was designed using the
Magellan platform to specifically optimize performance for medium to high
throughput applications in grocery, drug, variety, and convenience stores. Unlike
competitive vertical scanners, the Magellan 2200VS offers category leading
scanning performance, unique value added software features like Productivity
Index Reporting™, and our advanced FirstStrike™ decoding software. And
because it’s based on the Magellan platform, it does so much more.
The Magellan 2200VS has a large, omni-directional scan pattern to maximize
productivity and ergonomics for both sweep and presentation scanning
methods. And like all Magellan scanners, it offers flash memory for easy software
upgrades, supports host diagnostic reporting, and meets all of the Sunrise 2005
initiatives. The Magellan 2200VS also supports the most popular symbologies
and offers optional support for RSS.
Smart For Your Business
The Magellan 2200VS was designed to be more than just a bar code scanner.
When equipped with Productivity Index Reporting™ (PIR) software, it can identify
and track productivity problems with specific items, scanners, lanes, or cashiers.
PIR software makes the Magellan 2200VS a versatile tool for increasing
productivity at the POS and raises the bar for fixed-position, vertical scanners to a
whole new level!
Seamless Integration
Since the Magellan 2200VS is from PSC, you can count on easy installation and
years of worry free operation. The Magellan 2200VS boasts a small 6" x 3.8" (15.2
x 9.7 cm) footprint so it will integrate easily into both new and existing point-ofsale
configurations. It also supports all of the most popular host terminal
interfaces out of the box, including IBM powered USB. In addition, the Magellan
2200VS is compatible with OPOS and JavaPOS systems allowing for even greater
installation flexibility at the point of sale.
For fixed-position, vertical scanning, nothing beats the performance and rich
feature set of the Magellan 2200VS. Quite simply, it’s a Magellan - and nothing
beats a Magellan.

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